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The Centre intends to undertake a number of projects, some of varying lengths and on various topics. These will be conducted across the three academic institutions involved; the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University and the University of Birmingham.

  • Large projects will expect to be of a 4-year duration
  • Medium projects will be of a 2 year duration
  • Explore projects will be of a 6-12 months duration

Active projects

As the Centre is in its early stages, we are just beginning to develop our research focus. Our initial project ideas include:

  • Food particles for stablisation of multiphase foods (Fig. 1)
  • Novel primary processing of raw materials for improved functional and nutritional properties (Fig. 2)
  • Manufacturing challenges in removing fats and sugars (Fig. 3)
  • Re-design of food design blends/concentrates, provided by natural/healthy materials and processing steps designed for maximum functionality
  • Design of microfluidic devices for flexible production of different product microstructures
  • Investigating droplet formation mechanism as it occurs in membrane emulsification processes
  • Physico-chemical understanding of food hydration
  • Understanding the process/formulation for the production of dried emulsion
  • Environmental dashboard to support manufacturing decisions in the food industry
  • Water-flow modelling based on novel non-invasive monitoring technologies
  • Impact of sustainability on food supply chain resilience

Research Outcomes

Any published work will be listed in our Reports & Publications page.

If you are interested in gaining early access to our research, and possibly having an influence over the projects we undertake, you may be interested in becoming an industry partner.

      cim-project-1cim-project-2   cim-project-3

          (Fig. 1)                                                 (Fig. 2)                                                  (Fig. 3)


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