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Grand Challenges and Research Themes


Grand Challenges

The Centre aims to tackle the research relating to two specific Grand Challenges:

  • Innovative materials, products and processes
  • Sustainable food supply chain

These grand challenges have been linked with the priority areas of research diagram which can be found on the About Us page.

Research Themes

The above Grand Challenges will be addressed through six Research Themes:

CIM Grand Challenges Diagram

New processing technologies

Use of novel processes, e.g. Microwave Vacuum Drying (MVD) to be used for the commercial manufacturing of food structures

Upgrading of ingredients for improved resource utilisation

Recovery and valorisation of natural materials and transformation of waste streams

Food manufacturing for healthy diets and lifestyles

How to manufacture healthy, nutritionally balance, wholesome food

New flexible manufacturing processes

Flexible manufacturing approaches such as distributed manufacturing

Eco-food manufacturing

Strategies, methodologies and tools for the food sector to measure and maximise resource efficiency in production

Sustainable food supply chain

How to produce the right amount of food, at the right time, in the right place using minimum resources

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